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I have an interest in extending information through time and space as you might be able to tell from the tag line on the right. This means making information survivable and understandable through storage and transit. A term for this is anticryptography, basically the opposite of making information hard to receive.

Over my life things have come a long way. In the cover image above a cheap MicroSD card, that can hold 32 Gigabytes of data is sitting on a piece of core memory that stored a bit in each ferrite bead. The core memory was not only common in the 60s and 70s, it was often the only working memory available. This is just a sign that there needs to be a more active effort to extend information or it might get lost forever. (Do you have a core memory interface? Will you have a MicroSD card reader in 50 years? Never mind if it is still holding any valid data.)

While I will use this blog as a place to talk about aspects of anticryptography I also plan on it becoming a vehicle for projecting other information into time and space just a little further than it goes right now. I have a wide range of interests that have some reason for being here, but I promise to try my best to keep everything useful on these pages.

As I get time I will add reference works that I feel are important to preserve and extend the validity of other information. If you have something that you think is missing and might be useful, let me know.

Hopefully something here will be useful or peak your interest.